Ecogrip Solid – High durability and longevity. Made of [PC] polycarbonate

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Ecogrip Solid skilfully polishes up the floor in the office or at the workplace at home. Unwelcome scratches or stains on the floor are concealed. Ecogrip Solid also looks good on a new, high-quality floor covering: The optically clear, crystalline structure impresses with high light transmission and crystal-clear transparency.

Extreme impact resistance and high break resistance make Ecogrip Solid an extremely hard-wearing floor protection mat made of at least 80 % recycled material. It is ­extremely robust and durable, at the same time highly resistant to scratches, extremely temperature resistant (-100 °C to +120 °C) and has self-extinguishing properties ­(flame retardant B1 according to DIN 4102).

Ecogrip Solid prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the floor covering and guarantees unrestricted freedom of movement for the chair castors. With Ecogrip Solid, the office chair glides perfectly – both over hard floors and carpeted floors. On hard floors, the high-performance, thermally welded VAB®-antiglide layer ensures that the mat cannot slip. On carpeted floors, blunt anchor studs provide grip by digging into the soft pile.

L x W in m     Series 43   Series 44
0,90 x 1,20   43-0900   44-0900
1,10 x 1,20   43-1100   44-1100
1,30 x 1,20   43-1300   44-1300
1,50 x 1,20   43-1500   44-1500
1,80 x 1,20   43-1800   44-1800

Special shapes are possible.