Our customer’s well being is of great significance to us. This is why, in contrast to conventional mats, we do not tolerate any PVC/vinyl in the manufacturing of our products. We exclusively use high-quality materials such as polycarbonate or natural rubber.

Due to this, our floor-protection mats are not only especially durable but are also absolutely without any health risk. Mats made out of PVC/vinyl require various chemical additives to give the original hard and brittle material any kind of shape. Some of these substances can escape from the plastic causing health damage. This has been illustrated in tests conducted by the Federal Institute for Food Stuff Testing and Research in Vienna.

For this reason, the mats made by RS Office Products are manufactured without using any type of toxic plasticizers and solvents. They do not have any relation to cadmium, lead, chrome, asbestos, formaldehyde or halogens.

Our products are completely odorless and fully free of toxic chemicals. Whether it is during the manufacturing process or during the lifetime of the product there are absolutely no health risks involved. This has been guaranteed to us by all experts in the field as well as the European Safety Data Paper.