Duragrip Meta – Protects the floor and the environment. Made of [PET] polyethylene terephthalate

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The environmentally friendly and recyclable Duragrip Meta skilfully polishes the floor in your office or at home. Unpleasant scratches or stains on the floor are concealed. Duragrip Meta can also be seen on a new, high-quality floor covering: The optically crystalline structure convinces with high light transmission and crystal-clear transparency.

In addition, Duragrip Meta is characterized by ecological properties: environmentally friendly in production, reusable as often as required. Thanks to its recyclability, this floor protection mat helps to protect important components of our time: the environment and valuable resources.

In addition to the ecological aspect, Duragrip Meta offers many other positive properties. For example, it is characterized by very high impact and break resistance. It is also free of harmful plasticizers (e.g. bisphenol A) and odorless. Besides a first-class chemical resistance to acids, various solvents, alcohols, salts and plasticizers, it is also resistant to oils, greases and fuels. . Furthermore it has a high dimensional stability and the properties of a high abrasion resistance and a low sliding resistance. Flame retardant Bfl-s1 (DIN EN 13 501-1).

L x W in m     Series 17   Series 18
0,90 x 1,20   17-0900   18-0900
1,10 x 1,20   17-1100   18-1100
1,30 x 1,20   17-1300   18-1300
1,50 x 1,20   17-1500   18-1500
1,80 x 1,20   17-1800   18-1800

Special sizes (up to 200 cm) and shapes are possible.