Whoever thinks that beauty and functionality are opposites, is invited to view our range of products. Obviously product quality is of primary importance to us, but in addition to the protection function of our mats we can also set optical standards.

For this very reason we have developed a specialized computer-aided cutting system with which we can realize individualized form ideas alongside numerous standardized shapes and sizes. Moreover, the use of polycarbonate in this ensures the transparency of our mats – something, which lasts for many years. The particular characteristic of this plastic material is also useful for the optics industry and guarantees that glasses and lenses have a long viewing period.

In order to perfectly realize our customer’s requests we will always be on the lookout for innovations. However, there is one area where we refuse to make any kind of compromise: even in the future RS Office Products will exclusively offer environmentally-friendly products which have a long life span and which fulfill the highest quality standards.