Purosens Stijl - Protects the table with colourful accents

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If the table is no longer spotless, Purosens Stijl can make it shine again - in line with the motto „optimise instead of renew“. On new, very high-quality surfaces, the sustainable polypropylene desk pad offers optimum protection against dirt and liquids. The desk pads with their subtle, soft shades blend discreetly into the familiar atmosphere at home or at your workplace. Fine accents can be set with these four colours greyish white, pastel blue, pale pink or pistachio green.

Purosens Stijl stands out for its stylish colours and also for the properties of its materials. The premium material polypropylene is a pure material, which is completely recyclable. The manufacturing and recycling process forms a closed resource cycle, as the material is guaranteed to be returned to the reprocessing at the end of the product‘s life cycle.

In addition to the aspect of sustainability, Purosens Stijl also convinces with other positive properties: it is free of harmful plasticisers (e.g. bisphenol A) and is odourless.

L x W in m     Series 05     Colours    
0,60 x 0,50
0,70 x 0,50
0,60 x 0,60
0,90 x 0,60
1,20 x 0,60
    (SA) Soft Aqua
            (SP) Soft Pistachio
            (SR) Soft Rose
      (SW) Stone White