It is of great importance to us that our customers do not fall even in turbulent times. This is why we have carefully developed special solutions, which guarantee reliable adhesion on all floor coverings.

A structured surface on the mat aids adhesion without impairing the use of office chairs. Further safety is added by the underside of the mat, which is differently created depending on the type of flooring.

For example, a thermally welded VAB®-antislipping foil ensures that our mats adhere to the floor optimally without sticking. In the case of our rubber mats a flax comb underside helps to prevent slipping. We have even developed an ideal solution for carpets or rugs: here blunt anchor grips grasp the soft floor covering without damaging it in any way.

In the case of our anti-static mats grounding cables additionally ensure an efficient and reliable dissipation of static charge. This method is by far more effective than an atmospheric conduction via the air. The anti-static mats by RS Office Products are therefore also an ideal floor protection system for all highly technological environments.