Durasens Soft – Protects both the table and the environment. Made of [PET] polyethylene terephthalate

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If the table is no longer spotless, Durasens Soft can make it shine again – in line with the motto „optimise instead of renew.“ On new, very high-quality surfaces, the environmentally friendly PET desk pad offers optimum protection against dirt and liquids. It is characterized by very high impact and break resistance and has a smooth, transparent surface.

Durasens Soft is above-average robust and durable, at the same time very temperature-resistant (−40 °C to +65 °C).

The high-performance, thermally welded VAB®-antiglide layer ensures that there is no slippage of the mat on the table. Durasens Soft has the properties of high dimensional stability and abrasion resistance as well as low sliding resistance.

Durasens Soft is characterized by its ecological properties: environmentally friendly in production, reusable as often as desired. This table mat helps to protect important components of our time: the environment and valuable resources.

Complementing the ecological aspect, Durasens Soft offers many other positive properties. It is odorless and free of harmful plasticizers, such as e.g. bisphenol A. In addition to first-class chemical resistance to acids, various solvents, alcohols, salts and plasticizers, it is also resistant to oils, greases and fuels. Flame retardant Bfl-s1 (DIN EN 13 501-1).

L x W in m     Series 06    
0,60 x 0,50   06-6050    
0,70 x 0,50   06-7050    
0,60 x 0,60   06-6060    
0,90 x 0,60   06-9060    
1,20 x 0,60     06-12060  

Special sizes up to 180 cm