Yoga Flat ESD – An end to technical “thunderstorms”

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Yoga Flat ESD ensures the reliable dissipation of static charges and is consequently suitable for workplaces where they occur, such as office workstations, conference rooms, sales counters or information desks.

The environmentally friendly rubber mat is free of outgassing toxins, PVC, phthalate plasticizers and halogens, and is also odorless. Among other things, fire protection properties, chemical resistance and a dirt-repellent surface contribute to the fact that Yoga Flat ESD, which is also suitable for underfloor heating, is an extremely high-quality and wear-resistant floor protection mat.

The rough underside has an anti-slip effect, and office chairs glide smoothly on the castor-proof surface.

L x W in m     Series 63    
0,90 x 1,20   63-0900    
1,10 x 1,20   63-1100    
1,30 x 1,20   63-1300    
1,50 x 1,20   63-1500    
1,80 x 1,20     63-1800