Improved VAB® coating provides for novelty in the area of ​​anti-slip

  • With VAB® floor protection mats will stay safely in place on hard floors
  • Technical improvement ensures unique anti-slip coating
  • White protective film to prevent damage during transport

Viernheim - In daily business, flooring is exposed to heavy loads. This is especially true for workplaces where chairs with castor wheels are used. Scratches, wear marks and unsightly scuff marks are just some of the possible consequences. To avoid costly and expensive renovations, high-class floor protection mats made of Makrolon ® can help.

But what’s the use of floor mats, if they slide back and forth especially on hard flooring such as tiles, parquet and laminate? Instead of protecting the floor, they increase the risk of accidents. To avoid this, the mats for hard floors are provided with an anti-slip coating. But not every coating keeps the promise that its name suggests.

Not so the welded anti-slip coating (abbreviated as VAB®). As a registered trademark of RS Office, this coating on the underside of the mat makes the mats stay safely in place without sticking to the floor.

Now the VAB® has been successfully evolved and improved. One the one hand, the coating is applied at an even earlier stage in the manufacturing process and on the other, the composition of the coating has been improved continuously. The result is a revolution in the floor protection mat area and an anti-slip coating unique to the market. This guarantees even better anti-slip properties.

And the good thing is that the coating is equipped with a white plastic film which protects the VAB® from external influences during transportation. Before using the mat for the first time, simply remove this film.